Life Is Like A Mirror

Life is like a mirror. It will always follow you.

And indeed, when you suddenly be denied, the other a man robbed your “cheese”. When do you think of what do you usually do, what to do with you, you will find that you really have a lot of places do wrong, then draw up, you must feel, they will do the same when you are? It’s ok, when you feel guilty, to work well with all of you, you will be tremendous changes and to recognize you, for you are lucky, you can also prestige double in everyone’s heart. At this time, is you have got the smiling face of life, then why are you in the previous period of time to get it approval? – because you don’t have a smile on it. Laugh? How to laugh? Isn’t it hard tear face the two pieces of tired muscles, the mechanical laugh? It isn’t. What is that? Is your attitude towards it, when you good live well, be kind to everyone around you – well if in front of the mirror, you must have the sincere smile will also get the mirror. And life, life is like a mirror: when you rictus about it, it will also rictus to you; When you smiled a lot about it, it will also smile happily forever, for you so that you are happy, happy life, even close friends, family, colleagues, classmates will laugh happily together with you. This is not good?

As long as you are in when angry to myself, with his magnanimous moments will grudge swept away, and with a smile of understanding, tolerance, the wild-eyed enemies with you originally, will also open mind because of you, and you will be together before is written off, perhaps, when you sit down and talk, you will realize that you really do wrong, I sincerely apologize to each other, so that you will be an olive-branch, shaking hands. This time, you must have laughed.

Laughing is good, your mood must be very happy, at this time was the deadly foe joshed now together, need how to measure! Virtually, you quietly got to live like a present for you from the mirror -Tolerance.

Simple Life

“When I was a child, happiness was simple; grow up, simple is happiness.”

I like this word, not only all of us wish our self could live a happy life, but also what is more important in these words contains a profound truth.

As a child, we will feel happy only because a loaf of bread or an apple. At that time, we don’t have to think about the real life, don’t have to face the complex social and interpersonal relationships, we can feel, just love and care from our parents.

Growing up, when we’re out of school, fiercely competitive society, we are working very hard every day. Face the pressures of life, we can be only grudging. In order for your life to get better, we’re like a spring, kept stretching his own endurance. In many cases, we could think about, if we don’t have that kind of pressure, how good is that!

However, once the life without the pressure, we will find life there are missing some forward momentum, we will be satisfied with the status quo and stagnant.

So we tell ourselves: we can’t find that simple happiness and joy from a loaf of bread or an apple in our life now. Maybe ,that is the price of growth.!