The Difference Between Sunglasses And Polarized Lenses Eeyglasses

What is the difference between the polarized lenses eyeglasses and sunglasses?

Let’s start from a few concepts first: What are polarized lenses? What is the role of the polarized lenses?

 First Question : What is polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are manufactured according to the principle of polarization of the light. We know that when the Sun casts shadows on the road or on the water, direct irritation to the eyes, making the eyes were dazzled, fatigue, did not last to see. Especially when you are driving a car, for outdoor recreational activities not only affected our work and play mood and even affect our judgment of the objects will not cause danger; Through exposure to direct sunlight for a long time, will lead to a rapid decline of eyesight, forms such as myopia, hypertrophy, astigmatism or cataracts. Effects of polarized lenses are removed effectively and filter out the beam of scattered light. Transmission shaft of light on the right track in the eyes of the visual image, making clear, natural vision. Like a Venetian blind principle, the light is adjusted with the light into the room, it is inevitable that the scene looks soft but not dazzling.

Second Question: What is the role of the polarized lenses?

Effects of polarized lenses effectively exclude and remove the beam scattering of light. Eyes of light axis light to be able to track into visual images, clear natural vision.

Polarized Sunglasses are to use this feature to block harmful rays, because sunlight is a natural touch to any objects of reflection or refraction of adversely glare. Polarized sunglasses can fully absorb these may cause bright lights glare and eye injuries. Polarized sunglasses because of the polarization of the light function, so all of the harmful rays can be blocked off, but does not affect the visible light through, can truly achieve the function of eye protection.

Effect of wearing polarized lenses are well known for:

1. When driving, if you exercise in the Wan delay traffic in, you won’t have to come from the Sun and reflective of many problems of the vehicle in front,;

2. When you are fishing, water shining in the Sun to shine, but you won’t have no real, feel comfortable away: glistening light any more;

3. When skiing, on the vast snow field, you no longer have to worry about reflection and ultraviolet radiation, can glide;

4. When it rains, the flooded road signs will be clearly appeared in front of you;

5. When he was on holiday, more ultraviolet radiation to block, allow you to take advantage of this great leisure time.

Polarized lenses for sunglasses or sunglasses have a polarizing effect, when we describe sunglasses, be split into polarized and non-polarized, contacts or both in sunglasses in a major category, just be polarized sunglasses are sunglasses lacks–polarized around it.