Simple Life

“When I was a child, happiness was simple; grow up, simple is happiness.”

I like this word, not only all of us wish our self could live a happy life, but also what is more important in these words contains a profound truth.

As a child, we will feel happy only because a loaf of bread or an apple. At that time, we don’t have to think about the real life, don’t have to face the complex social and interpersonal relationships, we can feel, just love and care from our parents.

Growing up, when we’re out of school, fiercely competitive society, we are working very hard every day. Face the pressures of life, we can be only grudging. In order for your life to get better, we’re like a spring, kept stretching his own endurance. In many cases, we could think about, if we don’t have that kind of pressure, how good is that!

However, once the life without the pressure, we will find life there are missing some forward momentum, we will be satisfied with the status quo and stagnant.

So we tell ourselves: we can’t find that simple happiness and joy from a loaf of bread or an apple in our life now. Maybe ,that is the price of growth.!


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