My Wedding

The expected day finally arrives.

Surrounded by the beautiful flowers,red wine.

Whispering to myself…
Am I beautiful?
No one answers
Only you, with serene confidence tells everyone
I am the most beautiful bride

My Perfectionism & Procrastination

If I want to do, I hope I can make perfect, even more difficulties. Whatever it takes

This is what have I said a word.

But I always thought I am not a man of success, although already over thirty years old, still nothing, not to mention a career of.

Although said to myself every day, should to be working hard,, but most of the time, I could not bring myself to focus on one thing. Like writing articles, written half in, I will think about the part is completed before not perfect, at that time, I often think, if previously wrote, is not it will be better than now, so it will go to rewrite. Thus, the original plan was thus destroyed himself.

In fact, this is a very distressing problem feel. I think a lot of time feeling kind of involuntarily. I cannot control my own behavior and thoughts. Despite the fact that many times I want to get rid of this bad habit, but ultimately have failed and the end.

Perfect procrastination, which is a terrible thing!

I decided to completely change the way of working and living conditions.

So I try again to a variety of methods, for example, I would put on headphones at work, choose their favorite songs, let the music to change their focus, which can be more quickly complete the day’s work plan. This method has been going on for almost a week, so far, I think it is a very effective way, in addition to half-time I take off the headset, that the habit of procrastination will reappear, at other times, progress is good.

Now, go to the second part, perseverance. I think the stick is not difficult. Of course, I have to arrange my daily work and life, must be active in the face of all sorts of possible problems and difficulties.

Of course, when I feel tired, I stopped, took off the glasses and then washed with wash, and then allow yourself to relax for 10 minutes. So that I can keep up the good work!